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I’ve been told this kid single handedly caused a hair gel shortage for 2 weeks.

You should strongly consider one of these photos for guido of the week. I think it is clear that this kid is a huge guido douche and deserves to have his face on your fine site. Attached are three photos that are all worthy of winning. If I had to pick I would go with the second picture where you can truely see how rediculous his hair looks.

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4 Responses to “11/01/09”

  1. Braeden says:

    this guy is NOT Guido material ! !
    1- he is TOO pretty
    2- his eyebrows have been tamperd with eg: waxed.
    3- his eyes are blue (inidcates he might be 1/2 Irish)
    4- kinda lanky.
    True Guidos, in Brooklyn & ‘da Bronx, anyway MUST be BIG, rugged, dark skinned OR well tanned, MUST and I repeat MUST have BROWN eyes.
    need I go on ???

  2. Braeden says:

    Just a quick word to ALL u Guido wannabees !
    Unless u in someway , some how, look like Chuck Zito, don’t bother !
    and yes, I AM Irish, after all, who knows Guidos better than the Irish ???
    need I say more ???

  3. RUKIDDING says:

    Come on now. I have light brown hair and blue eyes. Both my parents are Italian. My great grand parents came here from Italy. Ever go to Italy, there are no, I mean none that even remotly act like these retards.

  4. The Sarge says:

    This kid definitely qualifies. Here is the proof..

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