Guidos animated fist pumping


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An amazing double winner!  Our tuxuido wearing guido on the right and our well enhanced jersey lovely on the left.  A winning couple!  To our buddy Joey who sent it in, you are right, it does deserve to be on the front page.  congrats.  Happy New Year, get wild!

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It is an unknown but very true fact Guido’s from New Jersey and Long Island have infiltrated Rhode Island, particularly University of Rhode Island. Instead of just hanging out in small circles, they infiltrate entire fraternities.

Tan? check
Thinking he’s the hottest shit in the room? check
People nervous to take pictures with him? check

That’s guido enough for me!!

Here’s your holiday card everybody.  Enjoy!

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Thanks to our buddy Joe for sending in this pic.  And props to Scott Mclane for taking this picture.  I can only imagine how the setup went.  

Scott: “Hey bros, can a take a sweet picture of you guys”

Guy in the middle: (flips him the bird)

Scott” Um…thanks guys…that was…um…great”

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Hello Keeper of the Guidos:

Only in NYC… can you transform yourself from a chubby Greek teen from northern VA into a real life Guido in a few short years at college.  He took up permanent residence in NYC after graduation, and yes, is actually my friend.  He is in denial that he is one of them, probably because he has not started grooming his brows yet, but the hair, the open shirt, and the Criss Angel necklaces are all so “jaga bombs” and jersey shore.  Also of obvious note, the big haired girl on his side.

He deserves this honor for all of his hard work, training, and protein supplements.  I only wish I could submit every photo of him currently posted on Facebook, but this one is the clear winner.

Thank you for your consideration,


P.S. – I was directed to your site because yes, my boyfriend’s real name is Guido (no, not this kid I submitted; the real Guido hates Guidos).  When giving his name for a takeout order at a sandwich shop in South Philly he had to say, “Yeah, Guido, real name, no gimmicks.”  He hates himself.  My mother thinks he should change his name.  We went to the Jersey shore and he lied and told some people his name was Marco

Thanks Mary.  The year might be winding down, but that doesnt mean the party is.

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“I just found this picture while perusing the interwebbery. He fits all criteria: chunk of ice in ear, grotesquely bronze, heavy jawline complete with chinstrap, manicured eyebrows, electrocuted hair, skintight Aramani-style shirt, CHAIN, middle-class car AND…plain-looking female companion!”

Thanks fistpumper Nate!  This is stupidendous, loving it.

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Happy Thanksgiving Fist Pumpers.  Sorry about the long wait for an update, but we got the new site running good now baby! WOO!

Thanks to our Guido tipster chad for this weeks entry.  ba bam!

“i came accross this profile and i dont know what else to say, im in awe ”

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guidos of the week 2008

I’ve scoured the internet and sorted through tens of emails to bring you…The Guido of the Week! Enjoy.


“and if it helps his interests on myspace include protein.”

Awesome email. Now, it’s been awhile since we took a class on physics, but well, thats a pretty small car.


vinnybotzvinnybotz2“Hes big.. hes bad.. hes tan.. man hes straight up f’n GUIDtastic! I mean look at him. Hes got the hair, the tan, the body. I just had to show you guys him. He goes by the name Vinny Botz and hes from NY. You can catch him guidoing it up all over the tri-state area! Did I mention he makes his own music too?? These songs are catchy and Lucas Prata even knows hes doin’ it. check em out!: And like I said if this isn’t Guido of the Week material I dont know what is!!

Okay, usually we have mixed feelings about self promotion, but the music on your myspace is RIDICULOUS. So heres to you Vinnybotz. Guido of the week is yours.



Wowwwweeeeee. Can you believe this? It’s the official guido army. INITIATIVE…thats what school spirit is all about. Congrats fellas, clear winners this week.

“Okay, so our high school during homecoming week has spirit week where we dress up differently for each of the days. This year, however, the senior class decided to make our own spirit week since we thought the ones the school chose were stupid. We decided to make wednesday Guido Day, and the majority of the senior guys dressed up like guidos. Here’s the picture to show you, hope you enjoy it!”



“We came across your website and thought it was some of the funniest shit around. We decided to memorialize the Guido Fist Pump on our bands myspace:”


A: We like this picture

B: Nice jacket and the bandana is a good touch

C: You can definitely fistpump to your songs. Kudos



Dude, I dont know who you are, Troy. But this picture is just epic. I mean, it’s pretty damn guido, yet kind of artsy in a boozy Miller Lite kind of way. What sort of drunk photoshopping were you up to? I’m awesomely confused. You’re hired bro!



Quality entry. Most of these dudes wouldnt make the cut, but my man, 3rd from the left, that hat just makes your orange skin pop brother. hahah. Ridiculous!


orange man

Slow clap for this one…clap……clapp….clap

Thank you for this one. The guidos have lagged on updating this page, cause we’ve been out F*kin partyin for the summer, you know? But this fella is our bronze medalist…

“In the 2008 Guido Olympics, this Guido swept for the bronze medals… all 4 events…. shoes, tank, blazer, and skin!”

Susan you rock. Thanks!



Always happy to represent other places…

“Love the website I know that geographically most of the pictures come from the Jersey Shore, but here is a sighting in Chicago over the weekend”

Solid pic.



So apparently the phenomenon is the rage with Ze Germans these days according to one of our loyal fans.

“hey I’m mike on a friends address, theres this kid in Connecticut, who is legit Guido Fist pump material, heres 3 pics I got from his myspace on file. All I kno about this kid his hes a huge club head he works for the clubs, talks to mad gilrs but barely talks to dudes at all, hes german i think and he dances alot even when music isn’t playing, he dances when he talks, he dances in front of girls, its pathetic, he acts very cocky and tans like every night

this dude is legit guido”

works for us.


(Video was taken down for last week 🙁 sigh…)

Amazing Video fellas. Award winning in our book. We don’t usually pick videos for Guido of the week, but we’ll make an exception. Especially the mother daughter combo. Incredible. Curious? You need to watch this. Best email we’ve had in awhile. (sorry guys, I guess the guy who sent this video didnt make it and it got taken down, if anyone else who watched it can find it again, let us know.)




From our loyal reader…

“Late night link stumbling is an under rated art form, somehow I ended up on your blog, and truly haven’t laughed so hard in ages. Cathartic in its intensity really, the way that chuckling at the unbridled odd-ballness of others can cleanse the soul.

I realize that the vast majority of Guidos have no shortage of hair (and ‘roid rolls),but if you’re willing to take a short haired (and less than Mr. Olympia worthy) submission, boy do I have one for you. Pictures fail to truly capture the Guido-ness of this guy,but trust me, he’s more Guido than half of NJ ‘male’ population combined (for example, at his sister’s wedding he either flipped the bird or did peace fingers in every single pic he was in, much to the disgust and dismay of everyone else present). I’ve attached a few pics of this guy (including one with a hard core Guidoette) and hope that amongst them you can find a Guido of the week gem.

Keep up the Guido work!!”

Awesome email and submission. Thanks!



Weird!!! Serious ice in the ear though. How many times did you take this picture of yourself before you thought…yep…thats the one…I’m putting this one on the internet.



Now this is a serious crew. Individualyy, I dont know if you guys would have made it out of the inbox and onto the site, but as a whole, serious Guido Voltron power. Nice pic bros. Somebody fill us in on the 4 finger thing though. Is that like the new shocker or something?



GFP is stretching out our ethnic fingers once again with this week’s winner. What a weirdo! Who is this guy? The email we received did not have the usual backstory (this guy at my school…blah blah blah…what a jerk), no none of that, just this face, in that jacket. Burning your eyes out. Enjoy.



Now is this some hardcore guidoisity. Something about this picture creeps us out, I can only imagine the guy on the rights opener with chicks. wow.



I guess Tito is down with a lil Guido. Beat that Kanye.



Killer Guido Action. You know that handshake isn’t a sign of friendship, its merely a stability anchor for maximum muscle flexage. JUICE! Officially Guido of the week.



Alright which one is Tommy? The picture we were sent was called Tommy? Hopefully its you far right, you really brought the victory for you and your bros. I’m not sure what you’re going for with that pose, but it’s high energy. Its half way to Guidos Gone Wild. Trademark it!



Finally, some F*kin effort! Nice work broski. A motto the whole world can live by.



What are you guys 11? Take those damn sunglasses off and do your homework. Anyway, pretty hilarious guys. Nicely done. Someday when you’re older you can show this webpage to your kids and tell them you made something of your young Guido life.



GFP is taking a little trip to the far east this week with our winner, the Asian Guido. Who said the Guido phenomenon hadn’t gone international? Actually, for all we know this picture was taken in a Philly suburb. Popped collar, necklace hangin low low low like Flo-Rida says and epic sunglasses. Thanks for the solid submission.



Freakishly awesome, another big winner. Nearly mistaken for last week’s winner as well. Wait, are they the same dude? No this guy is older and significantly oranger. Is that a word…oranger? Well, if not, we’ll title this guy The Oranger and make it a word.


douche“She got you good bro. You hear what she just said? She totally nailed you bro. Burn. We’re laughing, we’re having some fun, we’re rocking some Louis V, drinking some cocktails, we’re getting in the F’ing Zone!!!

We got this email with no note attached. So we’re only deducing what went on from evidence. Exhibit A=Major Douche 1 on the left. Exhibit B=Minor
Douche 2 on the right. Obviously, Douche was just burned, and Douche 2 is laughing right in his buddies face and pointing at Exhibit C=Probably some chick who was making fun of him. There is also mystery Exhibit D=the person who took this picture. So to all you, well done, keep fist pumping and sending guido gold like this in.



After a week hiatus, GFP is back! And we’re bringing you this gem. Our spring break update includes this straight from Greece. Take special note of the “pre-fist pump days” thumbs up. Plus, the dude on the bottom right is classic. Load up on your spray on tan, summer is almost here.


the brother

Most of you are probably already acquainted with this week’s Guidette of the week, the infamous Belmar local hooker who took down the Governor of New York. That’s how you do it NJ!
However, we bet you’ve never seen her brother…Check this Guido out! Plaid Yankees hat…classic chinstrap stache facial hair duo, ridiculous t shirt, and nothing but Guido style. He’s even smoking a cigarette in his tv interview. hahaha. love it. Thanks for all the emails this week, but we made an executive Guido decision. Better luck next week. Keep em coming!



This picture can only be described in one way “MUSCLE MILK!!!” I haven’t seen that kind of rage since the days of The Ultimate Warrior. The chances of him not Guido smashing the next person who comes his way is slim. Thank you for the email and this glorious picture. Glad to share it. PUMP…PUMP



“I was passing by your site and i think you guys should add him as your guido of the week, he is the biggest guido at montclair state and a fist pumping Waynehead :)”

Not sure what a Waynehead is exactly, but we like it.



Thanks to our man E.W. for this glorious email. Well done broski.

“Came across this Guido-Douche and couldn’t resist. Check out the poster I made of his lame ass. Love the site! Guido-fist-pumpers unite!”


dudesCONTEST: What are these guidos saying? Post your response in the forum or send us and email to win a spot in our guido hall of fame.


maximum money

Keep throwing it up fellas. Your fist pump is officially epic. Way to unite cultures in GFP. Well done. If this doesn’t get you some action on Valentines Day, we don’t know what will. Amazing artistry too …(see below)


So Amazing in fact, its in tshirt form. check the store if you want one. (Available as a fitted shirt only, for true guido fist pumpers)


canadaCanada…trying to represent.

“This is my personal favorite Calgary Guido. As seen from his picture-hogging tendencies, this is a newly matured Guido. Recently having come of age, this Guido sets his dominance upon the female species through the special powers of his tongue ring. ”

Good Email.

2/3/08huge gold chain

This was a personal submission and a clear winner. We don’t even know where to begin talking about this one. Thick chains, crazy facial hair, and what a shirt, we should start selling those. Gotta ask though, are you in your grandmas bedroom? Please don’t look us up and attack us.

1/27/08big money

Thanks to Keith for this one. PROTEIN!!!! Nearly matching shoulder tats. Classic.

1/20/08jersey folk

Thanks for the picture and the quote, you’re a double winner this week.

Which one is the guido here?? I think the one on the right has been taking the HGH
-Pale N. Luvinit


boxing champion

Better late than never…and to make up for it, we aren’t settling for some amateur guido this week, not even just a pro guido, but Uber Guido world champ boxer Paulie Malignaggi! He’d kick your shore loving ass.