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The Greg Vee Crown?

Fist pumpers - email us your pix and vids

Self proclaimed of course, but good enough.


17 Responses to “The Greg Vee Crown?”

  1. yaguidette says:

    I like this guido

  2. O.G. says:

    he not italian though so he a FUIDO

  3. anon says:

    He is Italian, vee is short for his real last name

  4. clubhead says:

    actually this guys maddd italian and madd guido, he practically runs like every club in jersey and he puts those “jersey shore” tv show JOKES to shame. i see this guy all the time you could catch him at Deko he works there

  5. lilchickaa89 says:

    omggg hes soooo fucking sexyy i wishh he lived in NC he would be mineeee

  6. angiebabieex3 says:


  7. dave says:

    cool blowout (or crown).. double thumbs up dude! you look like a crazier, younger version of Pauly D.

  8. Moderator says:

    All responses posted as comments to this entry link back under ONE IP address. This self-proclaimed douche-bag has gone to new heights pretending to be various anonymous identities online thinking people actually care for him. What a low life.

  9. lightbulb says:

    They look like horns to me. The guy is ok, but he’s not really that hot.

  10. leah says:

    he is effin gorgeous

  11. funny shit says:

    The fact that he posted all those comments himself makes this the most priceless douchebag around. Congratulations man you made your self seem just that much gayer. To be honest after seeing the picture I didnt think that would be possible.

  12. Me says:

    And then people ask what’s wrong with this world….well just look at him, there’s your answer.

  13. greg vee says:

    Actually this is the real Greg Vee, the one that’s posted in this picture. I would appreciate it if you would stop posting fake remarks that make it look like I’m writing all of those comments because for one, I’m not a douchbag, I’m actually a very nice guy and I’m sorry but I don’t take time out of my day to post comment after comment about myself on a stupid website made by some loser who has it out for people in jersey. Hey site moderator do some research because whoevers IP address posted all comments was NOT me. If your going to start some stupid bullshit then just take my picture down.

  14. Jay says:

    Sorry buddy but yea you did. Im pretty sure that all those posts ARE yours. “Actually” im positive. Its obvious that you do care what people have to say about you on a “stupid website”. I say this because…here you are, defending your character on said website with your disclaimer. If YOU notice, in the 13 posts about your picture the only person who uses the word “ACTUALLY” as a typed thought is YOU and it shows up a lot in the comments in question. Ok fine, if it was just that then yea maybe the moderator was being a dick, but no. If you also notice you are pretttyyyy much the only person who found it necessary to use proper spelling and punctuation of words and sentences. Fineeeeeee maybe it wasnt you…OK no. i live in new york so i know what deko is. Its a club. The only person who would “actually” capitalize the first letter of a proper name would be someone who has ties to the place and cares enough to capitalize and would probably be someone who promotes for them…LIKE YOU.

    Then there was this comment…

    “He is Italian, vee is short for his real last name”…

    first off..again..the punctuation and not even gonna bother…

    Yea man.. i dont doubt that ppl like you and know you. but cmonn.. rele?!?!

  15. greg vee says:

    Yeah buddy I have very good grammar because I listened well in school…that’s not a good enough reason to make it seem like I posted all of those comments. That’s really just stupid and rediculous. And I also have a lot of friends, especially on my old facebook which was running when this picture got posted up, so if your gunna try and make me look bad or something just save it and try on someone else. Like I already said I’m a nice guy, I’m definitely not cocky nor would I boast about myself to anyone, anyone who knows me would know that. So if you’re gunna try and make me out to be something I’m not just because I lived in jersey and spiked my hair, then for real just take my picture off of your site and there you go, problem solved. Thanks.

  16. Ruben says:

    Nice crown bro, hope i’ll see you around. How much do you spend styling it?

  17. Crystal Clear says:

    My name is Crystal and I am a producer with a national talk show. We are doing a social experiment and are looking for guidos! Please contact me at 203-905-6551.

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