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12/5/09 -Guidette

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Sometimes one pic goes for both.  This week sometime different.  Same 2 winners, 2 different picks.  In this pic, I’d have to say this fine jersey girl wins hands down.  A hot chick with a douchebag, thats what the people want, thats what they get.

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2 Responses to “12/5/09 -Guidette”

  1. RUKIDDING says:

    Well, I have lived “down the shore” for my entire life. Oh yea, I happen to be from Italian parents. No way, never ever, not even close have we ever acted in any fashion like these retards. When I went to HS in the 70’s you would get your butt whipped if you acted like these fools. We played sports,went on dirt bikes , went to the beach. These morons come here from NY I guess and are a disgrace, all of course in my opinion. They don’t even look like anyone from here.

  2. Non-Guido says:

    One word…
    I can count to two can you?

    Try again…
    There are two words, Dumbass!!!!

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