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For All The Jersey Fist Pumpers Out There

To those who don't know about fist pumping, you don't know jack. Guido fist pumping is the only form of dance accepted on the Jersey Shore. Pump your fist or go home lonely and cry your Guido eyes out. This site is a shrine to the glory of guidos fist pumping. Guidettes the world over are already going nuts over the jersey shore dancing below. But don't stop there, new pix under guido of the week and tons of other new stuff, just check the right side of this page. Thank you and keep pumping those fists. This year has been rocking for Jersey. The Guidos were out in force. If you think you got what it takes to make in on our site, make sure to send us an email with your pix and videos. Don't forget to stop by the official store and check out our ALL NEW jersey shore tourist shirt, get the coolest gift on the internet. Where do you think MTV got the idea for their show Jersey shore? Guess're looking at it. We're the OG MTV show here at GFP.

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Banging Jam for all yallz guidos

Thanks Defame

The Greg Vee Crown?

Self proclaimed of course, but good enough.


It’s True 1/11/11

She wears her stunna glasses at night.  No denying.


3rd Season of the MTV Ripoff of my Website

You guidos loving it or what?

blonde 12/5/2010


Apparently, they come in blonde these days too.

Another International Incident 11/28/2010

international incident

Guido Sighting – Parts Unknown…

Ultimate Guido? 11/21/2010

ultimate guido

That’s a big statement looking back on this website, but it’s what the email said, ok people?

brosephs 11/14/2010


Some guidoey brosephs if I’ve ever seen em.  But only one gold chain among all of you’s?

11/7/2010 party time

never gets old

some day you can show your kids this, congrats guidos.

A Halloween post! Ba BAM! 10/31/2010

tan boob

Forget GTL, It’s all about HBT (Hair, boobs, tan) now.

Can you say Guidofabulous?

Practice makes perfect when it comes to Jersey. And here's perfect.

Thanks to everyone who has been digging the site since its creation. The emails, pics, and videos we've been getting are hilarious. Check our more videos page for tons of funny stuff. And take a peek at our Guido Fist Pump store, with guido t-shirts and gifts. Happy Holidays to the fans, here's some of our favorite emails from you guys so far.

GFP- My friends and I love your site. We have a unanimous favorite video that was recently taken down. We MUST track down that video. Hell- half of our recent Vegas trip was based on quotes from that video. When we smoke, it's must see TV. New Orleans GFP Fan Club (Alas, that video seems to have disappeared. If any of you fist pumpers find it out there somewhere send it to us. please...) -----------------------

GFP, You've got hot chicks, douchebags, and hot chicks with douchebags. You're site is bosshog bro, keep it up! -Mikey D ------------------------

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that in your Jersey Girls '08 tab, the picture added on 1/27/08 is actually Jeff Reed. The Steelers kicker. The first Guido to win the Superbowl. Since I found this out I purchased a jersey and he is undoubtedly the best kicker in the NFL... ever. Just letting you guys know. Love the website. -----------------------

first of all, i love the site. ive spent hours and hours enjoying the awesomeness that is over the past couple of days. so my friends and i were discussing the guido species, and came up with i great analogy: i asked, "why do all guidos know how to fist pump in such an awesome way?" to which my friend responded "its like how birds know how to migrate for the winter. it's instilled deep within their genes, so they know how to do it at birth." thought you might enjoy. keep on fistpumping. (A guido Haiku of sorts)

funny guido things

Here's what Urban Dictionary says about da Guido Here's a sample...NATURAL HABITAT: Known to frequent Tri-State area malls looking for club gear to waste their week's pay on (most likely spotted shopping at "Bang Bang" in Staten Island). Check it out after you've checked out our guido of the week. (right side of the page)

and dont be this guy...

A funny rant about Guido Juicehead fist pumpin etc

A Great blog entry from Cajun Boy in the City Here's the setup..."in a recent entry, i relayed a story of two guidos getting into a fight in a manhattan club over a myspace friend request that went denied." was recently featured as guest web site of the week on slaptheface. They write a great blog, about all the people out there that you just want to well...slap in the face. check em out.

Oh and just for kicks, my ipod went to sh*t on me recently, but I found some great advice on this site.

Our buddies on the west coast came up with an awesome site dude! If you haven't seen the video on his front page, you have to check it out.

Even the most Guidoey Guido has to pick up the pieces of his life and got to work Monday morning to pay for the cases of gel needed to maintain da blowout. And the rims don't come for free either.

We just found out about a totally kickass, badass, awesome website that is truly in the spirit of the Guidofistpump. Check out hot chicks with douchebags fistpumpers, you won't be disappointed. It's Guidos galore.

Official Wikipedia of the Jersey Shore

You know how every buff monster got to be such? PROTEIN!!! Here's where they get it. - Where Beef Jerky Rules

This guy's site is humor. Hair gel, rims, jersey shore house rentals.

The Jersey Guido IQ Test. You got what it takes? Guaranteed laughs on this one.