Guidos animated fist pumping

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Fist pumpers - email us your pix and vids

The Netherlands is competition for Jersey.  I’ll come right out and say it.  Check this out…


I found your site yesterday. great stuff! didn’t know these guys had names because I’ve seen the first guido 7 years ago in the netherlands. and there are tons of them now. I see them all the time at dutch hardstyle party’s in the back looking cool and dealing drugs and not daring to come up front to dance in fear of maybe not looking so cool to their average girls.

guido 1 is a guido that I’ve never seen even withour his sunglasses, maybe he doesn’t dare to wear eyeliner just yet and therefore wears the glasses so the other guido’s don’t find out. orange face, he has ice in his ears and in his chin and his girl is a duidette no doubt, she doesn’t mind him spending more time in the solarium and in front of the mirror than herself

guido 2 and 3 are real guido’s again. disproportional body’s that only other guido’s find attractive, orangy body’s and look at the difference between guido 2 and 3. they are both the same guy!! and the photo are few months in between!! I mean THAT is steroids no doubt.

the guido’s crack photo’s shows them how they like to show their waxed and shaved asses to camera’s in the boys toilet, at party’s, or just at home amongs the other boys.

and the guido’s roid rage photo. look at them and the 3rd guy who looks like he has one thing on mind and that is humping them.

men I’ve got a TON of photo’s that I will find for your website. believe me netherlands is the place to find them!

props to you and your website!!

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