Guidos animated fist pumping

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“Sometimes less is more…Just enough waxing of the eyebrows to shape the eye of the tiger (no pun intended, as we all know that song strikes home with any real Steakhead)…enough orange to bring out the definition but not enough to work for Mr. Wonka himself…lips pouted as if kissing the air they breathe……..the true essence of a Joey, however, is in consistency. This man does not just take 2 hours in preparation for a night of cameras and glitz…….and a little David Guetta. No no no…for to tan and pluck for just one night’s pump is merely an act of foolishness left for beat-the-clock pumpers,  holiday Pradaboys, and weekend warriors of the Ed Hardy nation. I present, your honor, a man who pokes spikey hair holes in his pillowcases 7 nights a week; a man who has seen tanning bulbs burn out in one session; a man who may one day pioneer the first injectable form of Muscle Milk. I present…”Al Boogie.”

I won’t bludgeon “The Man” with my quips and comments any further, I mean, the pictures speak for themselves…Guidos? Or Boogie Boys? This man could soon find himself as the Martin Luther King of the Staten Italy movement

**Sidenote** I would also recommend a write-in vote for the Belmar Mayor Ken Pringle as Guido of the Week. This guy has achieved legendary status in my guido-loving eyes….”

As always with pleasure-

Pale N. Luvinit”

(Doing my job for me, classic)