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Ultimate Guido? 11/21/2010

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ultimate guido

That’s a big statement looking back on this website, but it’s what the email said, ok people?

5 Responses to “Ultimate Guido? 11/21/2010”

  1. mary says:

    This guy is disgusting. I would rather cut my boobs off than have him come anywhere near me.

  2. Me says:

    Is that dude pushing his gut out or his chin? Can’t tell what he’s trying to show off.
    To mary, Don’t cut your boobs off…..that’s just..wrong

  3. Jeaneane maggio says:

    That sexy boy is delicious! I love the chain$, the muscles & that adorable face. Knock it off haters, your just jealous your not a true Italiano, if so you’d appreciate that perfection. Lol … If he reads this lol,,, if you’d like a gorgeous little Italian girl with great body! Call me babe 772-332-7167 * ciao

  4. Irish Pride 1488 says:

    Does this clown work anything other than triceps & rear delts? Seriously,can anyone say bitch tits! and what about that bag for a belly? Spend more time training and less time in the mirror.

  5. Oh my, do you do boys too. Woof

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