Guidos animated fist pumping


Banging Jam for all yallz guidos */ ?>

Banging Jam for all yallz guidos

Thanks Defame

A solid fist pumping song from a fan */ ?>

A solid fist pumping song from a fan

Not quite a video, but a solid song */ ?>

Not quite a video, but a solid song

Sent in from a fan

Song called “Fist Pump.”  Not exactly my cup of tea, but not bad either, scope it out.

The Islands */ ?>

The Islands


Awesome Video!  Thanks for sending it in.  Hope you guys make more of these.  hilarious!

videos */ ?>


The Mating Rituals of Guidos at the Jersey Shore

GET…PUMPED…UP…Hilarious, just getting excited right?

Props to Mike for showcasing his boy Nicky’s hot moves in this weeks newest video.

Amazing job, and you’re friend watching is pumpin it with the best of em.

Guidettes just wanna have fun.


Okay, we don’t know what Beatstock is, but we have no doubt hilarity ensues

Cmon..we know you’re jealous.

Textbook guidette performance.

L-Guidomine, just what the doctor ordered.

Is your new hair cut this fly?

Our newest video needs the commentary. Read while you watch please.

Comment 1."Nice hair cut who did it
Helen Keller is she your dentist also,
maybe she picks your clothes out.
One Word GUIDOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Comment 2."this is embarassing for italians, this kid is a complete douche bag, and younger girls buy into this gay bullshit and these kids think they are the shit. this kid is a fuckin queer, and he is prolly like half italian and is puttin on a big front"

Comment 3.:wow what an embarassment to italians everywhere…..plz do humanity a favor, find the nearest cliff and jump"