Guidos animated fist pumping

Guido of the week

Banging Jam for all yallz guidos */ ?>

Banging Jam for all yallz guidos

Thanks Defame

The Greg Vee Crown? */ ?>

The Greg Vee Crown?

Self proclaimed of course, but good enough.


blonde 12/5/2010 */ ?>

blonde 12/5/2010


Apparently, they come in blonde these days too.

Another International Incident 11/28/2010 */ ?>

Another International Incident 11/28/2010

international incident

Guido Sighting – Parts Unknown…

Ultimate Guido? 11/21/2010 */ ?>

Ultimate Guido? 11/21/2010

ultimate guido

That’s a big statement looking back on this website, but it’s what the email said, ok people?

brosephs 11/14/2010 */ ?>

brosephs 11/14/2010


Some guidoey brosephs if I’ve ever seen em.  But only one gold chain among all of you’s?

11/7/2010 party time */ ?>

11/7/2010 party time

never gets old

some day you can show your kids this, congrats guidos.

Face Palm 10/31/2010 */ ?>

Face Palm 10/31/2010

face palm  guido

This is what television does to people…

Guido Lessons */ ?>

Guido Lessons

Zeus God in the House! 10/17/10 */ ?>

Zeus God in the House! 10/17/10

zeus god

HAHAHAHAAH.  Dude is this serious!  Awesome, if you can support yourself doing this, more power to you.  Thanks for the pic.