Guidos animated fist pumping

First Jersey Girl of the Decade! */ ?>

First Jersey Girl of the Decade!


Love it!  Keep up the great pics Guido and Guidette universe.  Gonna be another awesome year for my elbow as I fist pump in the new year.

12/5/09 -Guidette */ ?>

12/5/09 -Guidette


Sometimes one pic goes for both.  This week sometime different.  Same 2 winners, 2 different picks.  In this pic, I’d have to say this fine jersey girl wins hands down.  A hot chick with a douchebag, thats what the people want, thats what they get.

10/25/09 -Guidette */ ?>

10/25/09 -Guidette


Just got a tongue ring in there and you’ll be 100% complete.  Halloween IS coming up you know.  Think about it.  Thanks for the pic.  Can’t disappoint a jersey girl.

6/28/09 -Guidette */ ?>

6/28/09 -Guidette


Wow, my little heart just skipped a beat.  I would definitely hit you back on the sidekick.  Solid solid Jersey girl of the week.  Enjoy!

1/11/09 -Guidette */ ?>

1/11/09 -Guidette


“Kissy faces, identical makeup, iridescent lipstick on one and lipliner that’s five shades too dark on the other and all of this…in a bathroom…how much more stereotypically Jersey could it get? I’m from Northern NJ where the concentration of these girls seems to be highest; I love being a Jersey girl, but in the Bruce Springsteen sense…not the awful connotation it’s turned into….oh I hope this guido/guidette madness ends soon!!!”

Ah hmm….excuse me…ends soon?  Don’t you mean takes over?  My friends…it’s a new year.  We’re only getting more emails and more hits, its spreading!