Guidos animated fist pumping

A Halloween post! Ba BAM! 10/31/2010 */ ?>

A Halloween post! Ba BAM! 10/31/2010

tan boob

Forget GTL, It’s all about HBT (Hair, boobs, tan) now.

11/01/09 -Guidette */ ?>

11/01/09 -Guidette


Umm what?  What are you girl on the right?  Jersey chick working at Chick Fil A?  Or guidette who fell in the deep fryer (on purpose or not?)  Lay off the carrots, same some orange for the rest of the world.  Congrats though.  Happy Halloween to all in the Guido nation.  All you hot ladies out there, find yourself a hot douche.  okay?

10/25/09 -Guidette */ ?>

10/25/09 -Guidette


Just got a tongue ring in there and you’ll be 100% complete.  Halloween IS coming up you know.  Think about it.  Thanks for the pic.  Can’t disappoint a jersey girl.