Guidos animated fist pumping

International Flavor 09/27/10 */ ?>

International Flavor 09/27/10

worldwide epidemic

It’s official, Guido Fever is spreading faster than bird flu.  It’s a worldwide epidemic as seen here.  Emails from people in Switzerland coming in.  And they look pretty frickin fist pumping guido to me if I must say so myself.  Congrats, use google translate if you need to.  Peace.

4/11/2010 – peace */ ?>

4/11/2010 – peace

just bored and sitting in traffic I guess.  Well thanks traffic!

4/05/2009 -Guidette */ ?>

4/05/2009 -Guidette

Dudes…we’re just mesmerized by this girl. Be careful, this photo Will Hypnotize you. You will start having nightmares and fist pumping in your sleep. If you choose to keep reading and looking up at this photo, we take no responsibility for what happens to your health.