Guidos animated fist pumping

Jersey Girls

Banging Jam for all yallz guidos

Thanks Defame

It’s True 1/11/11

She wears her stunna glasses at night.  No denying.


11/7/2010 party time

never gets old

some day you can show your kids this, congrats guidos.

A Halloween post! Ba BAM! 10/31/2010

tan boob

Forget GTL, It’s all about HBT (Hair, boobs, tan) now.

This girl is “all over the internet” 10/24/10

maria baby

“hey I was in Seaside about a month ago. This is my official page no one elses.
Im sure if your truly Italian and not living under the sun then u’ve heard of me since my grandfatherz Count Ciano and the other ap von ritchie u cant get much more heritage then that..and Im all over the internet and on TMZ all the time seems like.. so I need no introduction”

Texas is for Guidettes 10/2/10


Just showin our guidette love from  houston texas…my friend and i wanted to submit these.we love the site btw.

The Jersey Mona Lisa 10/17/10

jersey mona lisa

The look on your face, the random posters I can’t quite make out, some stickers for something I dont know, this is just art gallery worthy.  Hall of fame pic, oh plus shes hot.

now we are… 10/10/10


Getting somewhere.  I’m digging the glow in the dark radioactive lips you got going there.  Either that or your like a she-spiderman or something.

Ahhhhhhh 10/3/10

gucci fear

I’m fearing for my freaking life!!!  Someone out there has had enough beers though and more power to ya.

International Flavor 09/27/10

worldwide epidemic

It’s official, Guido Fever is spreading faster than bird flu.  It’s a worldwide epidemic as seen here.  Emails from people in Switzerland coming in.  And they look pretty frickin fist pumping guido to me if I must say so myself.  Congrats, use google translate if you need to.  Peace.