Guidos animated fist pumping

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duh duh duh Domination!  Protein baby!!! Get pumped up!  Whoa!  You just gotta admire the intensity.  Solid guido of the week.

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3 Responses to “11/22/09”

  1. Chitownie says:

    Wow – is he single? I have been waiting all my life for a guy who can make a face like that and use an entire vial of hairgel, er…cement.

    Chi-town guys are too boring and natural for me. I should look for a job in Jersey City or Staten Island and find me a Guido…after a steady diet of tanning salon sessions, fatburners and blowing my paycheck on a new wardrobe of clubwear.

  2. Anon says:

    …..LOL. You mean you would settle for a guy like this? Watch as he breaks your heart in a matter of seconds when he fucks you, and then the girl next to you without a second thought. I mean sure if you like getting used be my guest and try to get some. But as for me, i don’t like fake ass fakers like this that need steroids.

  3. Braeden says:

    dont forget after he fucks the girl next to her, he then fucks her boyfriend without a third thought.

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