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7/19/09 -Guidette

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fearsomefoursomeDizamn! A fearsome foursome to say the least. Straight heartbreakers in this pic. So I don’t know if one of you ladies or creepy McGee back there sent this in, but what are the chances these girls know your in this pic? I’ll ask the readers…hahaha. On the right, those earrings look heavy.

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2 Responses to “7/19/09 -Guidette”

  1. Katie says:

    That is totally Carmine Gotti in the background, the KING of GUIDOS!

  2. murphy mc says:

    the girl all the way to the left is named lindsay rego, professionally she goes by GUIDETTE L, and the other brunette? she goes by ITALIAN PRINCESS and yesss that is the one and only CARMINE GOTTI AGNELLO making an appearance. bottle rats

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