Guidos animated fist pumping

1/31/2009 – jungle cats */ ?>

1/31/2009 – jungle cats

“What up fellas, we ain’t never seen a chevy with the butterfly doors before, can I get a ride?”

Zebra and leopard out in the wold.  Somehow I don’t think these dudes ended the night with these girls, but hey, you neva know.

7/19/09 -Guidette */ ?>

7/19/09 -Guidette

fearsomefoursomeDizamn! A fearsome foursome to say the least. Straight heartbreakers in this pic. So I don’t know if one of you ladies or creepy McGee back there sent this in, but what are the chances these girls know your in this pic? I’ll ask the readers…hahaha. On the right, those earrings look heavy.

1/11/09 -Guidette */ ?>

1/11/09 -Guidette


“Kissy faces, identical makeup, iridescent lipstick on one and lipliner that’s five shades too dark on the other and all of this…in a bathroom…how much more stereotypically Jersey could it get? I’m from Northern NJ where the concentration of these girls seems to be highest; I love being a Jersey girl, but in the Bruce Springsteen sense…not the awful connotation it’s turned into….oh I hope this guido/guidette madness ends soon!!!”

Ah hmm….excuse me…ends soon?  Don’t you mean takes over?  My friends…it’s a new year.  We’re only getting more emails and more hits, its spreading!