Guidos animated fist pumping

Can I get some VIP passes to this party?

Fist pumpers - email us your pix and vids


Back center, you ready to go from zero to hero?  Call me.

A double whammy winner, classic guido and guidette action.

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jersey shore emergency

Newsflash: Terrible spill still being cleaned up

Anonymous interview with NJ Shore partygoer

GFP: So where in Jersey are you from

Anonymous: Bridgewater, BW, Represent!

GFP: aunt Millie lives by the Commons...guido fist pump

Anonymous: Ain't no party like a guido fist pumping party cause the guido fist pump don't stop.

GFP: What? Right... guido fist pump on brother. See you down at the shore house. Bring your hair gel.