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Jersey Girls

Double Trouble 09/19/2010 */ ?>

Double Trouble 09/19/2010

I meant double trouble like…them as a couple, not those two things, get your head outta the gutter.

red cup queen 9/12/10 */ ?>

red cup queen 9/12/10

Meet the Red Cup Queen of New Jersey everybody.  Thanks for the pic!

Bodacious 9/5/2010 */ ?>

Bodacious 9/5/2010

Hey ladies, holla back before the summer quits on me.  Triple fist pump for you guys.

Crushing 08/29/10 */ ?>

Crushing 08/29/10


Yo, I’m crushing so hard on you ladies right now.  Most weeks it’s one girl that stands out and I’m like, oh dag, we got a guidette here, but all 3 of you ladies got that panda express orange chicken color skin I love and the attitude to go with it.  Guidettes of the week, Ya Hear!

Friday Nights hoo rah 08/22/2010 */ ?>

Friday Nights hoo rah 08/22/2010

I guess I don’t go dancing on Friday Nights at Glo enough, holler back!  Thanks for the pic.

good stuff 8/15/2010 */ ?>

good stuff 8/15/2010

Good find!  Thanks for sending in.  A real dynamic guido duo if I’ve ever seen.

Jealous? 8/8/10 */ ?>

Jealous? 8/8/10


“The hottest fist pumpers around! Try not to be too jealous ;)”

You can bet lots of little Guidettes out there are jealous of you guys.  Tens of thousands of people are gonna see your pix this week and be mad crazy jealous, ex girlfriend type jealousy.  Keep it up pumpers!

Big Week to Win 8/1/10 */ ?>

Big Week to Win 8/1/10

first week winner

Congrats Yo!  This is big week to be guidette of the week.  With the return of the Jersey Shore (the show that “borrowed” the guido fist pump from us) back on the air, lots and lots of peeps are emailing in their pics to be guido and guidette of the week.  I dunno why, but this one caught my eye.  So congrats, you better make us proud out there next weekend.  Go Big!

Brooklyn in the House! 07/25/2010 */ ?>

Brooklyn in the House! 07/25/2010


Good stuff ladies, the age old question, blond or brunette?

New Mexico in the House! 07/18/2010 */ ?>

New Mexico in the House! 07/18/2010

“Hey! Love love your site!  and finally decided to give it a shot to send in my pic to represent Albuquerque, NM aka The Duke City for us guidos and guidettes out here! Thanks =”

Keep it up!  Thanks for the pic.