Guidos animated fist pumping

Jersey Girls

style points 7/11/2010 */ ?>

style points 7/11/2010

Good angle on that eye makeup.  Solid guidette of the week right here.

glo 7/4/2010 */ ?>

glo 7/4/2010

Thank you GLO Nightclub’s Facebook page for this gem and the reader that passed it on.  Epic.  Hope you guys enjoyed this Independence Day gem, and I declare this summer the official summer of the “Fist Pump.”  You will find out exactly why in a couple weeks on the site.  Stay tuned.

A series 6/27/2010 */ ?>

A series 6/27/2010

While not the best photo quality we’ve ever seen, I do appreciate the effort, pump away.  “Showin some love <3”

Table or Chair 6/20/2010 */ ?>

Table or Chair 6/20/2010

Is it the table girl or the chair girl?  I can’t decide.

A Whole New Level 6/14/2010 */ ?>

A Whole New Level 6/14/2010

Wow, thanks!  This is taking our site to a whole new level.  Clear winner.

supersloppy 6/7/2010 */ ?>

supersloppy 6/7/2010

Cmon guys, you’re gonna let them make out with themselves.

The bare Guiddriff shirt 5/30/2010 */ ?>

The bare Guiddriff shirt 5/30/2010

I can’t act like I don’t know that the girl in the middle is holding a bottle of the finest champagne of all…Andre.

well baked 5/23/2010 */ ?>

well baked 5/23/2010

A face only a [insert reference here] could love.  I encourage you to comment on what that insert should be.

Tongueyface guidettes 5/16/2010 */ ?>

Tongueyface guidettes 5/16/2010

Looks like the beginnings of the timeless classic game known as “who is the drunkest.”

This Ain’t No April Foolin */ ?>

This Ain’t No April Foolin

This is straight up fist pumping.