Guidos animated fist pumping

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Hello Keeper of the Guidos:

Only in NYC… can you transform yourself from a chubby Greek teen from northern VA into a real life Guido in a few short years at college.  He took up permanent residence in NYC after graduation, and yes, is actually my friend.  He is in denial that he is one of them, probably because he has not started grooming his brows yet, but the hair, the open shirt, and the Criss Angel necklaces are all so “jaga bombs” and jersey shore.  Also of obvious note, the big haired girl on his side.

He deserves this honor for all of his hard work, training, and protein supplements.  I only wish I could submit every photo of him currently posted on Facebook, but this one is the clear winner.

Thank you for your consideration,


P.S. – I was directed to your site because yes, my boyfriend’s real name is Guido (no, not this kid I submitted; the real Guido hates Guidos).  When giving his name for a takeout order at a sandwich shop in South Philly he had to say, “Yeah, Guido, real name, no gimmicks.”  He hates himself.  My mother thinks he should change his name.  We went to the Jersey shore and he lied and told some people his name was Marco

Thanks Mary.  The year might be winding down, but that doesnt mean the party is.