Guidos animated fist pumping

Happy New Year from GFP! */ ?>

Happy New Year from GFP!


Oh I know you all got your fist pump on for NYE!  Send in some stories and some pictures.  We might even have a contest coming up…

11/08/09 */ ?>



Guido hogan?  Randy Macho man douche?  No no its…

“Sweeping the internet to find what is hopefully the next “Guido of the Week,” all hope was lost until this fine specimen entered my 12 inch computer screen.  Through a Facebook group invite titled, “All in support of Italian ICE!!!! Nunzio Cipriano”  “Support our main man Nunzio in his quest to make it to the top…!!!”
The top of what you ask? Well I’m not sure. However, I can Imagine that all the sweat and the fresh new chinstrap look wrapped around a smug expression complete with the guido signature chain is the result of a post coital fist- pumping experience that will be recognized for ages.  So here he is, fist-pumping his way to the top….of something or other. ”

Thanks for the email.  Classic.

10/4/09 */ ?>



10 4, guido alert!  We have a winner for the week.  3 solid contenders, can’t pick a winner.  Plus a top notch guidette getting ready to pump that fist up.  No shit talking for me.

7/5/09 */ ?>



Unfadable, Unbeatable, Unstoppable.  This is Awe inspiring.  My fist just pumped so hard my mouse flew out of my hand and hit my friend in the face.  Slow clap….clap……..clap….clap clap clap Woo!!!!  I feel like the music from that 80’s song final countdown should be playing right now.

4/05/2009 -Guidette */ ?>

4/05/2009 -Guidette

Dudes…we’re just mesmerized by this girl. Be careful, this photo Will Hypnotize you. You will start having nightmares and fist pumping in your sleep. If you choose to keep reading and looking up at this photo, we take no responsibility for what happens to your health.


a lesson */ ?>

a lesson

charts and graphs yo!

For all the jersey fist pumpers out there

rise in hair gel usage

rise in hair gel usage

All of this information is real. It can be traced back to global warming, you saw Al Gore’s movie right? Take action now or you too will be a guido by morning. There is no stopping it now. Brace yourself, the facts are before you.

fist pumping is on the rise

fist pumping is on the rise

global hair gel usage

global hair gel usage


step by step instructions

step by step instructions

Step by step instructions for all of y’all guidos courtesy of…