Guidos animated fist pumping

11/7/2010 party time */ ?>

11/7/2010 party time

never gets old

some day you can show your kids this, congrats guidos.

Big Week to Win 8/1/10 */ ?>

Big Week to Win 8/1/10

first week winner

Congrats Yo!  This is big week to be guidette of the week.  With the return of the Jersey Shore (the show that “borrowed” the guido fist pump from us) back on the air, lots and lots of peeps are emailing in their pics to be guido and guidette of the week.  I dunno why, but this one caught my eye.  So congrats, you better make us proud out there next weekend.  Go Big!

Driving Ms. Guido? 7/25/2010 */ ?>

Driving Ms. Guido? 7/25/2010

driving ms guido

Is this like a headshot or something?  It’s pretty durn guido if I ever seen guido though, so congrats.  thanks for sending in.

01/17/10 bigggggg winner */ ?>

01/17/10 bigggggg winner

me look so good

“behold our guido perfection.  Over application of spray tan, and freshly shaved chests were totally worth it to look like the bronze gods that we do. I think that any one of these would make a great guido of the week. let me know if we make it on. thanks and keep pumpin them fists.


Congrats Mr. Sean, tell your friends.

11/29/09 */ ?>



GFP don’t discriminate.  Congrats homey, definitely guido of the week.  Dats a legit blowout.  And ladies keep it up.

11/01/09 -Guidette */ ?>

11/01/09 -Guidette


Umm what?  What are you girl on the right?  Jersey chick working at Chick Fil A?  Or guidette who fell in the deep fryer (on purpose or not?)  Lay off the carrots, same some orange for the rest of the world.  Congrats though.  Happy Halloween to all in the Guido nation.  All you hot ladies out there, find yourself a hot douche.  okay?