Guidos animated fist pumping

3/28/2010 – Get fired up! */ ?>

3/28/2010 – Get fired up!

Love the effort fellas.  Someone should make a tshirt of this.. Hmm…maybe I will.   Go check out the GFP store if you havent already.

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1/31/2010 – just some fellas */ ?>

1/31/2010 – just some fellas

Ya’ll are famous now, congrats!  Guidos of the week.  She bought her ticket to the gun show I suppose, paid in full.

1/31/2009 – jungle cats */ ?>

1/31/2009 – jungle cats

“What up fellas, we ain’t never seen a chevy with the butterfly doors before, can I get a ride?”

Zebra and leopard out in the wold.  Somehow I don’t think these dudes ended the night with these girls, but hey, you neva know.

9/14/09 */ ?>



Now boarding, flight douche to guidoville aboard Benny airlines.  Enjoy your flight suckas!  Hope you fellas found some hot chicks to fly with.