Guidos animated fist pumping

Texas is for Guidettes 10/2/10 */ ?>

Texas is for Guidettes 10/2/10


Just showin our guidette love from  houston texas…my friend and i wanted to submit these.we love the site btw.

A series 6/27/2010 */ ?>

A series 6/27/2010

While not the best photo quality we’ve ever seen, I do appreciate the effort, pump away.  “Showin some love <3”

3/28/2010 – Get fired up! */ ?>

3/28/2010 – Get fired up!

Love the effort fellas.  Someone should make a tshirt of this.. Hmm…maybe I will.   Go check out the GFP store if you havent already.

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9/14/09 -Guidette */ ?>

9/14/09 -Guidette


PUMP PUMP PUMP!  Love it!  Thanks for this pic.  Will you take my girl shopping with you?  Man, best back to school outfit of all time.

6/21/09 -Guidette */ ?>

6/21/09 -Guidette


Blonde girl, whoever you are, I’m in love.  Seriously, I’m going ring shopping.  I’d forget about all other girls this summer for you, but unfortunately I picked this picture because of your friend on the left.  She’s just wayyy jersey!  You know???  hahah.

11/30/08 -Guidette */ ?>

11/30/08 -Guidette

I frickin love this picture!  The attitude, the font, are you guys doing laundry?  Amazing!  Too rad for a sorority, to cool for school, and ready to kick your ass.