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craigslist ad 10/10/10 */ ?>

craigslist ad 10/10/10

craigslist ad

Something eerie about making a post on 10/10/10.  But if I were to do so It would go something like this, from this dude’s perspective in his ad.

“Dear Craigslist searcher, if you are interested in getting with me, you would be wise to look fresh.  I will take you to this hotel room and perform a roid rage on you.  Please email me.”

old school 10/3/10 */ ?>

old school 10/3/10


Now that the summers well over and it’s getting cold and shit, it’s time to put some old school Italian boys up on the site.  Keeping it real, although, dude on the left, don’t try so hard.

International Flavor 09/27/10 */ ?>

International Flavor 09/27/10

worldwide epidemic

It’s official, Guido Fever is spreading faster than bird flu.  It’s a worldwide epidemic as seen here.  Emails from people in Switzerland coming in.  And they look pretty frickin fist pumping guido to me if I must say so myself.  Congrats, use google translate if you need to.  Peace.

Double Trouble 09/19/2010 */ ?>

Double Trouble 09/19/2010

I meant double trouble like…them as a couple, not those two things, get your head outta the gutter.

Too busy for photo 9/12/2010 */ ?>

Too busy for photo 9/12/2010

It’s a little tough to read so I’ll make it easy for ya, “The one and only Greg Vee, parties, clubs, girls, lives the good live everyday.”  True story, apparently.

9/5/2010 */ ?>


You must have this 8/29/2010 */ ?>

You must have this 8/29/2010

Is what she said before emailing in this pic. Thanks to the website listed in the pic too.

Fist Pump: An In Your Face Guide to Going Guido – our official book! */ ?>

Fist Pump: An In Your Face Guide to Going Guido – our official book!

Comes out today!!! In Stores Nationwide!  Stop what you are doing and go run to Urban Outfitters, Barnes and Noble, and anywhere else books are sold and check it out.  If you’ve ever laughed, cried, sneered, or cheered at, you need to make this book the latest edition to your bathroom library.

It’s not a photo comments book, it’s the real deal, and we put our stamp of approval on it, obvi.

Looks like we even got a writeup on The Daily Beast and we’ll be on the radio near you soon!  Have a look at the right hand side of this page to check it out!

The Guido Anthropology is now complete, and we put out the book about the damn thing.

Seriously? 8/22/2010 */ ?>

Seriously? 8/22/2010

Every once in awhile I get sent a pic that I honestly can’t tell if its A. Serious B. Hilarious Joke C. Uber Gay.

You guys can figure it out, I just post emails sent to me.

good stuff 8/15/2010 */ ?>

good stuff 8/15/2010

Good find!  Thanks for sending in.  A real dynamic guido duo if I’ve ever seen.