Guidos animated fist pumping

Too busy for photo 9/12/2010 */ ?>

Too busy for photo 9/12/2010

It’s a little tough to read so I’ll make it easy for ya, “The one and only Greg Vee, parties, clubs, girls, lives the good live everyday.”  True story, apparently.

01/10/10 – South Florida Y’all */ ?>

01/10/10 – South Florida Y’all


Hello just found this site.¬† I love it.¬† Don’t forget about us Guidos down in Miami now!
I wish there were more Jersey guidette girls down here.  So hot!

Thanks for the email Chris, here’s to adding legitimacy to Miami.  Cheers.

8/3/09 -Guidette */ ?>

8/3/09 -Guidette


Another week where I just really don’t need to say anything.  Check out this email I got.

Hii mR. GUiiD0! :o) N0w, let mii teLl yU; Th@t I –>> MiiSs JaCqueline Jaii* <– am the DEFiNiTi0N of a J3RS3Y GiiRL! i OnLy d8 GuiiD0s &* i aM 1 tAn && tRue b*tch !! My J3rs3y fRiiENds && mii L0VE yUr S1TE!! iT GiV3s us sUm of tha -REC0GNiTi0N- th@t We DESzERVE!~ Sum pPL h@v @lreadi seNt iiN Sum ov mi piXx, buht ! yU n3vr put um UHPP!! :'( nD uR q0nna mayke mi streak mi mak3up! :'( i D0Nt get How theese 0thur girls win 0vr me? whAteva th0… yU kan maKe it uP 2 m3 :o) iLL s3nd u L0TZ 0f piXx of mi & mi FRiENDZ aLl tha TiMe :o) L0v u! R3sp3ct J3rz3y !! xx

x0o PRiNCESsA GUid3TTe

((senDin yu a pik of mi showin my guido pryde!))

Believe me, I don’t have time to make this up.

6/21/09 -Guidette */ ?>

6/21/09 -Guidette


Blonde girl, whoever you are, I’m in love.  Seriously, I’m going ring shopping.  I’d forget about all other girls this summer for you, but unfortunately I picked this picture because of your friend on the left.  She’s just wayyy jersey!  You know???  hahah.

5/03/2009 -Guidette */ ?>

5/03/2009 -Guidette


Uhh…excuse me ladies, will you take this picture with me? hahaha. awesome. Congrats girls or dude, either way you made the wall.