Guidos animated fist pumping

Book Release Party! */ ?>

Book Release Party!

Special Note!!!

The official book release party for “Fist Pump: An In Your Face Guide To Going Guido,” by Guido DiErio (That’s Me!!!) is having happening next weekend, September 25th at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. A serious MANSION. It’s going to be an all out rager. Official sponsors of the party are:

Devotion Vodka – The world’s first and best protein infused vodka (AKA “The Situation’s” Vodka)

Cocaine Energy Drink – Every party needs an energy drink like this!

Sudwerk – Fun in the sun brew

Tickets are available for sale by INVITE ONLY. Must be 21 and over. Email [email protected] for details if you want to party.

This party will be the closest thing to a Jersey version of HBO’s Entourage in real life.

A series 6/27/2010 */ ?>

A series 6/27/2010

While not the best photo quality we’ve ever seen, I do appreciate the effort, pump away.  “Showin some love <3”

8/3/09 -Guidette */ ?>

8/3/09 -Guidette


Another week where I just really don’t need to say anything.  Check out this email I got.

Hii mR. GUiiD0! :o) N0w, let mii teLl yU; Th@t I –>> MiiSs JaCqueline Jaii* <– am the DEFiNiTi0N of a J3RS3Y GiiRL! i OnLy d8 GuiiD0s &* i aM 1 tAn && tRue b*tch !! My J3rs3y fRiiENds && mii L0VE yUr S1TE!! iT GiV3s us sUm of tha -REC0GNiTi0N- th@t We DESzERVE!~ Sum pPL h@v @lreadi seNt iiN Sum ov mi piXx, buht ! yU n3vr put um UHPP!! :'( nD uR q0nna mayke mi streak mi mak3up! :'( i D0Nt get How theese 0thur girls win 0vr me? whAteva th0… yU kan maKe it uP 2 m3 :o) iLL s3nd u L0TZ 0f piXx of mi & mi FRiENDZ aLl tha TiMe :o) L0v u! R3sp3ct J3rz3y !! xx

x0o PRiNCESsA GUid3TTe

((senDin yu a pik of mi showin my guido pryde!))

Believe me, I don’t have time to make this up.